Definition of tentlike in US English:



  • (of a garment or structure) resembling a tent in shape or appearance.

    ‘a spectacular tentlike roof’
    ‘sweeping, tentlike frocks’
    • ‘Joe, who is employed, lives under a bridge in a crude, tent-like structure because he can't afford low-cost housing.’
    • ‘The finished gown was wide, tent-like and very elegant.’
    • ‘He's a skinny guy with long, dark hair, and he's swallowed up in prison-issue clothing that doesn't quite fit - baggy brown pants, a tentlike gray sweatshirt.’
    • ‘It was a head-and-shoulders caricature of Chamberlain looking bloated, ugly and malevolent, wearing a lurid orange tent-like dress patterned in ironic little hearts.’
    • ‘Wooden statues and princely crowns were taken off from the pediment, while the high tent-like top was transformed into an ordinary roof with two slopes.’
    • ‘Crowned by a lightweight, tent-like roof, the central space is transformed into a theatre in the round.’
    • ‘The Dutch architect's tentlike new building was approved in concept by the museum's board of directors late last year and estimated to cost from $200 million to $300 million.’
    • ‘In the south of France is a house whose tent-like form follows the contours of the land and mimics the curvature of a nearby ancient stone wall.’
    • ‘Rough-hewn, tentlike scaffolding structures are filled with umbrella-shaped light filters.’
    • ‘Condensation and water seeping through gaps in the roof of the tent-like structure have periodically forced the tennis centre to shut during inclement weather.’
    • ‘He built the frame, then hung canvas panels over the top and colorful saris around the sides to fashion a tentlike roof and "walls".’
    • ‘An infested plant will have yellow-speckled leaves and may be covered with tentlike webs.’
    • ‘His white tentlike garb must hide a multitude of tell tale signs of old age.’
    • ‘Thousands of tent-like structures made from animal furs woven together stood in the clearing.’
    • ‘He closed his show with a model in the centre of a huge, tent-like hoop dress.’
    • ‘The Dome is a giant tent-like structure in London, built to celebrate the dawning of the new Millennium.’
    • ‘Above is a tent-like roof, which betokens a resting-place, and in the surrounding space, open at one side, there may have been a seat.’
    • ‘I'd taken a one-hour bush flight to Bendekonde, a village of tentlike thatched huts along the upper reaches of the Suriname River.’
    • ‘They later built a tentlike structure around it to prevent evidence from being tainted and to keep the investigation secret.’
    • ‘When the game was up, you swathed yourself in an unflattering tent-like garment - usually in a matronly flowered print.’
    baggy, badly cut, sack-like, tent-like, oversized, boyfriend, sagging, saggy, slouchy, ill-fitting, ill-proportioned, inelegant, unshapely, formless
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