Definition of tenth in US English:



  • 1Constituting number ten in a sequence; 10th.

    ‘the tenth century’
    ‘the tenth of September’
    ‘the tenth-floor locker room’
    • ‘Our democracy's tenth anniversary will coincide with an election year.’
    • ‘Hundreds of green-draped coffins were ready for burial today, marking this tenth anniversary of the genocide.’
    • ‘Sridhara is now believed to have lived in the ninth and tenth centuries.’
    • ‘Next year will be the tenth anniversary of Jack's passing but, in part because of folks like the ones on the panel, it feels like he's still around.’
    • ‘I was tenth in the class at the beginning of the school year.’
    • ‘The album comes with a bonus CD featuring a video of the title track plus footage from the duo's tenth anniversary concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.’
    • ‘At the tented encampment, visitors were able to chat to Viking families as they cooked using authentic tenth century ingredients.’
    • ‘Colombia ranks between fifth and tenth annually as a foreign oil supplier to the US.’
    • ‘On this tenth anniversary, we owe it to them to remember.’
    • ‘She would be tenth of twenty acts to perform that night.’
    • ‘It was party time as the airport marked the tenth anniversary of the opening of the new terminal - and there was plenty for those present to celebrate.’
    • ‘In 1955, Delaware County ranked tenth in the nation for milk production on more than 2,000 farms.’
    • ‘The date was August tenth, and Liz and Colin would be married in two days.’
    • ‘I love that he held a party to celebrate his tenth anniversary of being with Nigella.’
    • ‘In the tenth century, small numbers of Irish and Scots settled on Iceland, bringing Christianity with them.’
    • ‘We didn't go out on Saturday for our tenth wedding anniversary as Josie was still really sick.’
    • ‘But archaeologists found a Saxon upright loom weight dating back to the eighth and tenth centuries.’
    • ‘Coming up, we will have more looks back and looks ahead here from Los Angeles on this tenth anniversary of the riots.’
    • ‘The council is the lowest spending unitary council per head of population and had the tenth lowest council tax in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘England in the ninth and tenth centuries was a rich, prosperous, fertile land - and almost entirely unprotected.’
    1. 1.1a tenth/one tenth Each of ten equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
      ‘a tenth of a second’
      • ‘‘Not a tenth of the destitute population could be supplied’, writes Ms. Smith.’
      • ‘Over that same period, the poorest tenth of Asia's population saw median income rise by 58 percent.’
      • ‘The insects weigh less than one tenth of an ounce (two grams), but eat their weight in food each day.’
      • ‘On the oval, a half tenth of a second is a lot in this series, and then you get into traffic and lose a second or two.’
      • ‘By using it, I've learned that my swing on the course is two tenths of a second quicker than on the practice range.’
      • ‘My coach hoisted me up above the crowd and informed me that I had broken Scott's record by five tenths of a second.’
      • ‘Bill Blass dresses one tenth of one percent of the American woman.’
      • ‘Aren't you supposed to divide the bill into tenths?’
      • ‘You know, it was built for about a tenth of the population that it has now.’
      • ‘As a result, ‘we spend a great deal of time documenting every tenth of an hour, just like we're lawyers,’ he says.’
      • ‘In this exercise, the U.S. population is divided into tenths and represented by 10 students.’
      • ‘This post will probably self destruct in three tenths of a second.’
      • ‘The Labour party comprises seven tenths of the population and we're out to re-shape the world.’
      • ‘Yeah, your final grade was seven tenths of a percent higher than mine.’
      • ‘But as the tenths of seconds passed, out of the corner of my eye I saw him struggling.’
      • ‘She came into my workplace the other day, and she was halfway friendly, but it wasn't even one tenth of the warmth she used to radiate towards me.’
      • ‘If one divides the screen into 10 vertical strips of equal width, the first tenth on the left was the only part of the picture in focus.’
      • ‘One of those things you have to try once, just to see how the other tenth of the population lives.’
      • ‘The Patriot's control system kept track of time by counting tenths of a second; to convert the count into full seconds, the computer multiplied by 1 / 10.’
      • ‘Bates College had only $106,000 in endowment per student, less than one tenth of Grinnell's.’
    2. 1.2US The tenth grade of a school.
      • ‘Most small villages have nursery schools and ‘middle’ schools that go up to eighth grade and sometimes tenth.’
      • ‘The only time I had ever seen Belinda cry previously was when I was in ninth grade, she was in tenth, and her dad had died.’
    3. 1.3Music An interval or chord spanning an octave and a third in the diatonic scale, or a note separated from another by this interval.