Definition of tentacled in US English:



  • See tentacle

    • ‘Too often, these series are overblown and melodramatic, populated by gigantic, tentacled demons and screeching, white-haired ghosts, telling the same formulaic stories over and over again.’
    • ‘The Orson Welles broadcast of a four-decade-old H.G. Wells novel was so convincing that horrified listeners peered skyward for glimpses of tentacled invaders arriving in their war machines.’
    • ‘Nationally-protected tentacled lagoon worms were discovered at the site of the £124m Channel Tunnel Rail Link bridge works over the River Medway.’
    • ‘We knew that this monster is hydra-headed, many tentacled.’
    • ‘The common space between offices is dominated by a series of sculptures, such as a cross between an acorn and a human head and a freestanding metallic, tentacled thing strewn across the floor.’