Definition of tensility in US English:



  • See tensile

    • ‘The tensility of the poly fibers used here is thicker and stronger to meet our safety and quality standard.’
    • ‘Alternatively you could do what the Delhiites do, they unravel their old sweaters and dye the wool, mix some new wool to give it tensility and then knit themselves a brand new sweater in a completely new design!’
    • ‘The wrought glass had been shaped to exact specifications, the strength of its form compensating for the weakness of its tensility.’
    • ‘They do well under varying degrees of light exposure and can exhibit very good tensility, longevity, and can endure almost non-stop human handling.’
    • ‘Substantially improved shock resistance and tensility, due to the use of nodular graphite cast iron as a body material instead of gray cast iron’