Definition of tenseless in US English:



  • See tense

    • ‘For example, Roderick Chisholm and A. N. Prior claim that the ‘is’ in the sentence ‘It's now midnight ‘is essentially present tensed because there is no translation using only tenseless verbs.’’
    • ‘Such a realist account is provided by static and tenseless theories of time. A static theory holds that the participation of time into the past, the present and the future depends on the perspective we human beings put on the world.’
    • ‘If we want to construct a sentence which genuinely contains only B-series temporal expressions, then we must construct one whose verbs are tenseless.’
    • ‘However, Thanh reminds Mai that ‘the verbs in our language are not conjugated, because our sense of time is tenseless, indivisible and knows no end’.’