Definition of tenpin bowling in US English:

tenpin bowling


  • A game in which ten wooden pins are set up at the end of a track (typically one of several in a large, automated alley) and bowled down with hard rubber or plastic balls.

    • ‘Some recreational activities were retained to cater for all age groups, such as golf and tenpin bowling.’
    • ‘The town's long-awaited tenpin bowling alley opened its doors for business on Monday.’
    • ‘He's taking them tenpin bowling.’
    • ‘From Monday to Friday a game of tenpin bowling along with a burger or hotdog and fries is only £3.20.’
    • ‘Planning permission for a new tenpin bowling alley was granted by only one vote.’
    • ‘They had organised a tenpin bowling night, because they wanted something that everyone could understand easily.’
    • ‘He has abandoned his efforts to save the game of tenpin bowling as we know it.’
    • ‘The government paid out thousands to give us summer camps, free flying and tenpin bowling.’
    • ‘She went to the cinemas a few times and played tenpin bowling.’
    • ‘Perhaps a tenpin bowling alley could be installed there.’
    • ‘They won £100 that they spent on a tenpin bowling trip.’
    • ‘Over the past few months there have been numerous fundraising events, including tenpin bowling and football tournaments.’
    • ‘In tenpin bowling, you roll the ball down the alley to strike the pins.’
    • ‘Anyone interested in tenpin bowling can contact the state representatives.’


tenpin bowling

/ˌtɛnˌpɪn ˈboʊlɪŋ//ˌtenˌpin ˈbōliNG/