Definition of Tennessean in US English:


(also Tennesseean)


  • Relating to or characteristic of the US state of Tennessee or its inhabitants.

    ‘the Tennessean sons of a preacher’
    • ‘In 1954 he married a fellow Tennessean staff member, Joan Link.’
    • ‘The Tennessean survivor was born around 1920, and the North Carolinian was born around 1930.’
    • ‘The band of Tennesseean siblings overdid it on the road, though, and coasted into their new album following a yearlong hiatus.’
    • ‘Minutes after his elimination on the show, the Tennessean native said that he was "feeling fine" and wasn't surprised at his fate.’
    • ‘This Tennessean band has created surprisingly little fuss in the UK, despite the high quality of their debut album.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the US state of Tennessee.

    ‘a way for us to honor a great Tennessean’
    • ‘Come on Tennesseeans we can't let those Coloradans and Washingtonians upstage us again.’
    • ‘The majority of their ideas are not what most Tennesseeans want.’
    • ‘Although a native Tennessean, Farragut remained with the Union and became the first Admiral in the United States Navy.’
    • ‘Of great interest to Tennesseeans will be the display of fossils from the Gray Fossil Site.’
    • ‘Serving two terms, he split with his fellow Tennessean, President Andrew Jackson, on land issues and Indian removal.’