Definition of tenfold in US English:



  • 1Ten times as great or as numerous.

    ‘a tenfold increase in the use of insecticides’
    • ‘The company has shown remarkable growth in its operations with a tenfold increase in business over the past five years.’
    • ‘With climate change, we could see up to a tenfold increase in flood risk over the next century.’
    • ‘Fuel cells promise up to a tenfold boost in battery life in laptops, cell phones, and the like.’
    • ‘Some surveys show a terrifying, tenfold increase in the incidence of cirrhosis over the past three decades.’
    • ‘Oil surged to $30 a barrel, a tenfold increase since the early 1970s.’
    • ‘An estimated 40 percent of the population lives in poverty - a tenfold increase since the collapse of Communism.’
    • ‘Our platform offers a tenfold increase in processing speed.’
    • ‘I expect his offer of a prime position, company car and tenfold salary increase to arrive shortly.’
    • ‘We discovered over a 1.3 million new genes, almost a tenfold increase in the gene pool for scientists.’
    • ‘A tenfold increase in the educational budget further expanded the resources.’
    • ‘None of these things can explain the tenfold increase in recorded crime.’
    • ‘Pest control workers have dealt with a tenfold increase in complaints.’
    • ‘Their years of management were pretty inept and brought about a tenfold increase in water prices.’
    • ‘Something has caused the tenfold increase in the incidence of autism during the past decade.’
    • ‘They pledged a tenfold increase in the number of drug treatment centres.’
    1. 1.1 Having ten parts or elements.
      • ‘The agency failed to apply the tenfold safety factor when reviewing the risks of the insecticides.’


  • By ten times; to ten times the number or amount.

    ‘production increased tenfold’
    • ‘One of the first acts of the government was to increase the salary of its ministers tenfold to $3,500 a month.’
    • ‘The company says revenues are expected to jump tenfold this year.’
    • ‘The president predicted he would be forced to raise taxes tenfold.’
    • ‘The United States government has increased its aid pledge tenfold.’
    • ‘Agriculture changed forever as grain production quadrupled within a decade and rose tenfold later.’
    • ‘His stage shows, long renowned for their crazy theatrics, have increased their entertainment value tenfold.’
    • ‘There are places where wind turbines would be fine but they are talking about increasing the numbers tenfold.’
    • ‘A comparison shows that the abuse of heroin has increased tenfold.’
    • ‘Employment at the small company has grown tenfold in 10 months.’
    • ‘An unusually heavy meal raises your risk of heart attack tenfold for an hour after you eat.’
    • ‘Since 1990, the state budget has shrunk tenfold.’
    • ‘Their budget should be increased tenfold.’
    • ‘I want to know if I can double, quadruple, or increase my investment tenfold in five years.’
    • ‘The population grew tenfold by 1835.’
    • ‘The company has increased its annual revenue tenfold to about $100 million.’
    • ‘I always admired him but that has increased tenfold now.’
    • ‘Support should be raised tenfold or even more to make a real impact.’
    • ‘These principles have governed his approach in growing the family business tenfold.’
    • ‘Your need for entertainment has been satisfied tenfold this week.’
    • ‘We'll need to up our performance level tenfold.’