Definition of tendu leaf in US English:

tendu leaf


  • The leaves of an Asian ebony tree, gathered in India as a cheap tobacco substitute.

    Diospyros melanoxylon, family Ebenaceae

    • ‘They earn 90-120 rupees every day, depending on the number of tendu leaf bundles they collect.’
    • ‘This policy is applicable for tendu leaf collectors only.’
    • ‘they visited the area where tendu leaf collection was in process and asked for the contractor.’
    • ‘There are 30 workers engaged in tendu leaf plucking.’
    • ‘The produce is auctioned at the official sale points, where bidi leaf manufacturers and tendu leaf traders throughout the country participate.’
    • ‘They wrap the product in tendu leaf and much of the industry volume is hand rolled.’
    • ‘The tendu leaf is soaked in water, cut in the required shape and hand rolled together with tobacco.’
    • ‘The government would annually auction sectors of forest land to tendu leaf contractors.’
    • ‘Bidis contain a relatively small amount of locally grown tobacco, smoked after being wrapped in a dry, tendu leaf.’


Hindi tendu.