Definition of temptress in US English:



  • A woman who tempts someone to do something, typically a sexually attractive woman who sets out to allure or seduce someone.

    • ‘For a moment I toyed with presenting myself as a wanton temptress.’
    • ‘Every seduction has two players: the worldly temptress and the willing target.’
    • ‘I looked rather pathetic stood next to these long-legged temptresses.’
    • ‘The female is mysterious, captivating, at times a temptress.’
    • ‘Most of the world disapproved of her, calling her a temptress.’
    • ‘Blonde is the hair colour of choice for film stars, pin-ups and temptresses.’
    • ‘The girls were taught that they were temptresses.’
    • ‘You could object to his view of women as either homebodies or temptresses.’
    • ‘A lovely temptress lavished her affection upon him, attempting to lure him away.’
    • ‘The female characters are two-dimensional temptresses who do nothing but create lustful havoc.’
    • ‘She is a sleek-haired temptress in a scarlet dress.’
    • ‘His affair with the temptress ended.’
    • ‘She will always be thought of as the wicked temptress.’
    • ‘Greta Garbo played tragic lovers, exotic temptresses and steely heroines.’
    • ‘His smouldering temptresses were immensely influential.’
    • ‘He is drawn to the dark temptress Sylvia.’
    • ‘She is a real temptress, testing his chastity.’
    • ‘The temptresses then coerce the hapless chaps into making complete fools of themselves.’
    • ‘They are perceived as sexual temptresses.’
    • ‘He paints a woman as the seductress and temptress.’
    seductress, siren, femme fatale, mata hari, delilah, enchantress, sorceress, circe, lorelei
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