Definition of tempt fate (or providence) in US English:

tempt fate (or providence)


  • Do something that is risky or dangerous.

    • ‘I should never have tempted fate by proudly declaring that I had never been suspended in my career.’
    • ‘He is tempting fate by messing around with a very dangerous drug.’
    • ‘The team tempts fate by planning a victory celebration before a ball has been kicked.’
    • ‘I wouldn't like to tempt fate by saying I have been cured.’
    • ‘It may be tempting fate to say it, but the trains have been running well these last few days.’
    • ‘She was convinced that if she signed a will, she'd be tempting fate.’
    • ‘Odysseus tempts his fate and risks his life.’
    • ‘I don't want to tempt fate, but my sore throat appears to have gone.’
    • ‘I reassured her that it worked fine, which was tempting fate.’
    run a risk, live dangerously, play with fire, sail close to the wind, risk it
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