Definition of temperate zone in English:

temperate zone

(also Temperate Zone)


  • Each of the two belts of latitude between the torrid zone and the northern and southern frigid zones.

    • ‘Britain lies within a temperate zone and the hallmark of temperate zones is a relatively small fluctuation in temperature between the seasons with rain that generally falls all year round.’
    • ‘In northern temperate zones, songbirds usually copy songs not from their parents but from unrelated members of the same species, usually neighbors.’
    • ‘Much of the world's temperate zones were alternately covered by glaciers during cool periods and uncovered during the warmer interglacial periods when the glaciers retreated.’
    • ‘This watery region is a meeting of subtropical and temperate zones.’
    • ‘You will get a taste of several climates as you sail from winter in the United Kingdom, across the tropics to summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and on to the southern edge of that hemisphere's temperate zone.’
    • ‘That's why the Europeans never settled in large numbers in Africa outside of the temperate zone of southern Africa and the highlands of Kenya.’
    • ‘Boron deficiency is the most widespread of all the micronutrient deficiencies in many crop regions from tropical to temperate zones.’
    • ‘Greater Yellowstone is the last large, intact ecosystem in the northern temperate zone, supporting both predators and prey.’
    • ‘Additionally, the three parks have a considerable north-south extent that ranges across several temperature regimes from the southern part of the temperate zone extending into the tropical.’
    • ‘April, at least in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, brings mud, blossoms, new life - in short, the promise of spring.’
    • ‘An estimated 50 billion of the 200-400 billion birds on the earth make predictable seasonal movements between the temperate zone and the tropics.’
    • ‘The order Acipenseriformes, which includes all sturgeons and paddlefishes, is a group of primitive fishes that inhabit fresh and coastal marine waters in the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere.’
    • ‘Cormorants and shags are distributed worldwide, with the largest diversity in tropical and temperate zones.’
    • ‘Almost all of the earth's landmass is inhabited, although the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere are where you will find the largest concentration of people.’
    • ‘The most important weather phenomena on the planet, I would argue, are the seasons that we, in the temperate zones, take for granted.’
    • ‘The second belt is in the temperate zone, which is characterized by generally adequate rainfall and lower evaporation rates.’
    • ‘The worm commonly known as dog heart worm, is widely dispersed and found in the tropics, subtropics and temperate zones.’
    • ‘Most of the Vitis species can be found in the east and south east of North America, or in Asia, mainly in the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, with a few in the tropics.’
    • ‘New South Wales is entirely in the temperate zone.’
    • ‘Peregrine falcons are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica, primarily from temperate zones to the tundra or arctic regions.’


temperate zone

/ˈtɛmp(ə)rət zoʊn/