Definition of telework in US English:



  • another term for telecommute
    • ‘As he spoke, hopes that the internet would revolutionise the face of business, lead to a gender-neutral, teleworking society, had already turned to dust.’
    • ‘And those who worked from three places-for example, teleworking from a café in addition to the home and office-spent an average of 52 hours per week on the job.’
    • ‘It says that 14% of its 250,000 industry members now offer employees the option to telework, a year-on-year rise of more than a quarter.’
    • ‘As a result, only a minority will be able to go teleworking in anything like a modern, dedicated ‘home office’.’
    • ‘A sales representative in Britain can telework from their hotel by dialling in over the internet to the office network in Ireland, and work away as if they were in the company office.’
    • ‘Ireland for example, has produced a Code of Practice and a model teleworking agreement.’
    • ‘Given that trend, and because this is a fairly painless way to reward valuable employees without adding to the bottom line, offering responsible employees the ability to telework part time makes a lot of sense.’
    • ‘Ray has been teleworking for some time and ‘couldn't imagine’ going back to work full time in the office.’
    • ‘When their lawyer wanted to telework on one day a week, the company accommodated this employee by supplying the necessary facilities to do so.’
    • ‘The Department of Trade and Industry has unveiled a set of legal guidelines that UK firms must follow if they employ staff who regularly telework from home.’
    • ‘This exemption is in line with the earlier decision to exempt computer equipment given to employees who telework from home, which also has a positive effect on traffic congestion.’
    • ‘He recommends employees start preparing to telework three to six months prior to formally asking for a flexible work schedule.’
    • ‘A technology research firm, predicts that by 2008, 41 million employees around the world will spend at least a day a week teleworking.’
    • ‘This is coupled with an increasingly distributed workforce where staff telework or collaborate from different locations, requiring a solution to provide an element of teamwork and bring all the points together.’
    • ‘Managers have to discipline themselves to set clear goals and measurable outcomes for teleworking employees rather than acting as timekeepers.’
    • ‘Get all your writers teleworking - you'll save them a whole day's worth of commuting time every week.’


  • The practice of working from home, making use of the Internet, email, and the telephone.

    • ‘Much research has been conducted on the concept of telework.’
    • ‘The telework option was studied and selected as the approach.’
    • ‘His latest article, on the other hand, attacks telework, hot desking and - above all - mobile work.’
    • ‘It recognises that teleworkers are afforded the general protection granted to workers based on the employer's premises and highlights 7 key areas where the specificities of telework need to be taken into account.’
    • ‘An estimated 28.8 million Americans - one-fifth of the adult working population - worked from home, on the road, at a telework center or at a satellite office at least one day a week in 2001, up 17 percent from 2000.’
    • ‘Yet while the company promises to bring broadband to every home in Britain, the country's crisis in the supply of homes can only restrict the spread of telework.’
    • ‘It's crucial to realize that new possibilities don't immediately translate into widely accepted practices; acceptance for telework, team clusters, virtual work strategies and other approaches takes time.’
    • ‘Following up on a discussion held during the Board meeting, staff briefed the Board on telework strategies being implemented to address the office space needs.’
    • ‘By then, close to 30 million people will be doing their work someplace other than the cubicle, say forecasters at the telework consultancy.’
    • ‘However, she adds, it is imperative for companies to formalize telework policies and train managers in handling ‘invisible’ employees.’
    • ‘Those who work at telework centers, satellite offices or on the road spend more time on the job, with each averaging over four days, or 30 hours a week.’
    • ‘They will get the social contact, even though the people sharing the same telework centre may work for completely different companies.’
    • ‘There are other kinds of telework or "e-work" besides the home-oriented varieties: telecentre-based, mobile (but not using home as a base), location-flexible telework (using for example, client sites to work from) - and so forth.’
    • ‘For those who hate working from home, cities like Toronto and Washington are seeing telework centres mushroom up in their suburbs.’
    • ‘In rural states like Vermont, the Internet can make a real difference by providing telemedicine and telework opportunities, as well as distance learning.’