Definition of teletext in US English:



trademark in UK
  • A news and information service in the form of text and graphics, transmitted using the spare capacity of existing television channels to televisions with appropriate receivers.

    • ‘We rarely buy a newspaper, preferring to read the news on the internet or using teletext.’
    • ‘At one time almost every satellite channel had its own teletext services providing programme news and backup as well as an opportunity for viewers to write in with feedback or merely ‘chat’.’
    • ‘In its simplest concept, we could search through static pages, just like we do with teletext on TV.’
    • ‘This entertainment package consists of two 6.5-inch screens in the back seat, which can display television, teletext and, in some systems, DVDs.’
    • ‘Digitizing the News begins with a description of the historical efforts of newspapers to explore electronic delivery with such technologies as teletext, videotex, fax, and telephone news services.’