Definition of telephony in US English:



  • The working or use of telephones.

    ‘telephony and data transmission’
    with modifier ‘mobile telephony’
    • ‘If telephony is being offered, phone switches or the equivalent might be necessary.’
    • ‘In general, users have listed three primary benefits from the managed telephony service.’
    • ‘Start with routers for cable modem applications and add in telephony applications.’
    • ‘This is now likely to come from interactive services on the internet, digital television and mobile telephony.’
    • ‘Mobile telephony is one of the fast growing and successful sectors in India, he says.’
    • ‘What we are witnessing is saturation in terms of mobile telephony usage in developed markets.’
    • ‘Wireless telephony had achieved transmission distances of several hundred miles.’
    • ‘The objective of such connects was also to provide all basic mobile telephony needs of a subscriber under one roof.’
    • ‘His work now goes beyond regular online advertising into other media such as mobile telephony and e-mail.’
    • ‘The next generation mobile networks will be based on the convergence of mobile telephony and IP computer networks.’
    • ‘However, many of the larger internet providers are not really as up to speed as they should be on the way mobile telephony is developing.’
    • ‘Fortunes have been advanced to fund the purchase of licences in the mobile telephony sector.’
    • ‘It is still unclear today how 3G is expected to improve mobile telephony over WAP.’
    • ‘It may be possible for portable multimedia devices to be hooked up to a combination of DAB and mobile telephony networks.’
    • ‘There was no 24 hour television, no internet and no mobile telephony.’
    • ‘Companies now only have to maintain one network for both data and telephony.’
    • ‘The increase was primarily due to growth in broadband telephony and high-speed data.’
    • ‘Another future trend to watch for is the possibility of free internet telephony.’
    • ‘In mobile telephony, the transmission of photographs is already a fact.’
    • ‘In this function it is a significant incremental improvement to pre-existing telegraphy and telephony.’