Definition of telephone number in US English:

telephone number


  • A number assigned to a particular telephone and used in making connections to it.

    • ‘You will find the relevant telephone number to get help on the form.’
    • ‘The address the company had left on the contract was wrong and the telephone number could never be put through.’
    • ‘I just found out that the producing organization gave me the wrong telephone number for people to order tickets.’
    • ‘He went on to tell me that he was a close personal friend of John's and gave me his telephone number.’
    • ‘His parents, on police advice, have changed their telephone number and installed a panic alarm at their house.’
    • ‘The user dials a telephone number from their mobile, and using caller ID, the system works out who is calling.’
    • ‘They should be able to provide references and have a proper address and a land-line telephone number.’
    • ‘She left her telephone number and address on air and said that if anyone wanted to call or write, they could.’
    • ‘As expected, he explained he couldn't cancel the ticket once issued but gave me a telephone number to ring at the town hall.’
    • ‘Don't include your telephone number or home address as part of your signature on e-mails.’
    • ‘If I ring the WRONG telephone number I will not speak to the person I want to speak to.’
    • ‘Please tell us your name and address and if possible your telephone number.’
    • ‘I managed to get a telephone number for the hotel but couldn't get through.’
    • ‘On the letter you have received, there should be a telephone number.’
    • ‘They wrote down the address of the telephone number, and checked Toby's local map.’
    • ‘The man, aged about 45, then asked one of the girls for her telephone number.’
    • ‘Please include your name, address, a daytime telephone number and email address if you have one.’
    • ‘He has even included his telephone number and that of his lawyer for those who can help in this situation.’
    • ‘She's going away in about 6 hours so she gave me a set of keys and her telephone number… just in case.’
    • ‘People also get to keep their existing telephone number and receive a free detailed monthly bill.’


telephone number

/ˈteləˌfōn ˈnəmbər//ˈtɛləˌfoʊn ˈnəmbər/