Definition of telephone book in English:

telephone book


  • A telephone directory.

    • ‘The comfort zone includes the navigation system, the telephone book for the on-board phone, audio equipment settings, customized climate control, and more.’
    • ‘Many real estate agents I know would rather spend $4,000 for a website rather than spend $4,000 getting listed in the local telephone book.’
    • ‘She quickly picked up the telephone book, found her number and dialed.’
    • ‘I am listed in the telephone book in Manhattan (in New York City).’
    • ‘While both closed corporations are registered, neither is in the telephone book and no evidence could be found that they do exist in anything other than name.’
    • ‘Here is a brief listing of where to look in your telephone book.’
    • ‘Although he had received many death threats, he didn't want bodyguards, didn't wear a bullet proof vest and didn't remove his name from the telephone book.’
    • ‘Credit bureaus usually are listed in the yellow pages of your telephone book under ‘credit reporting agencies.’’
    • ‘Look them up in a telephone book or ask your doctor for information.’
    • ‘I knew where Adam's aunt lived, it was in the telephone book.’
    • ‘He ran over to the pay phone and located the large telephone book.’
    • ‘Running their bored fingers down the page of a telephone book, they choose a name at random, dial the number, and breathily say: ‘I saw what you did and I know who you are.’’
    • ‘In the days of the old Empire variety halls, there used to be ‘memory men’, as they were called, whose acts consisted of memorising long wedges of the telephone book or some such pointless feat.’
    • ‘He would sit for hours leafing through the telephone book.’
    • ‘You can find the number listed in your telephone book.’
    • ‘When I found the suspect was listed in the telephone book at a Vancouver address I decided to go to his home to interview him and perhaps arrest him.’
    • ‘All you'd be doing is saving me the trouble of going down to the library and looking in the telephone book.’
    • ‘Local contact details are in the telephone book.’
    • ‘‘It's basically a telephone book with updates every six months,’ he explains.’
    • ‘Their telephone number is in the white pages or community service pages of your local telephone book.’


telephone book

/ˈteləˌfōn ˌbo͝ok/