Definition of telefax in US English:



  • 1The transmission of documents by fax.

    ‘for more information contact us by telefax’
    • ‘The widespread use of telefax is more recent.’
    • ‘She can now choose among services such as speed post, telefax and Internet kiosks at the post office, where cranky clerks formerly sold mainly just stamps and letters.’
    • ‘I was told to acknowledge receipt of them, either by e-mail, telefax or normal mail.’
    1. 1.1 A document sent by fax.
      • ‘Staples, clips, and rubber bands were removed for preservation purposes, and telefaxes were photocopied to acid-free paper and the originals removed from the collection.’
      • ‘As this is a matter of extreme importance we respectfully request your immediate attention to this telefax and that your answer could be provided within the course of tomorrow morning.’
      • ‘You will be advised by SMS if new appointments, new telefaxes, new e-mails are present.’
      • ‘The points made in the telefax concerning the discrepancy in the figures stated for ‘Phase 4 ‘and ‘Retainage’ can be seen to be valid when the contents of pages 3/707 and 3/747 are compared.’
      • ‘Calls - including the sending of telefaxes - for advertising purposes without the prior consent of the subscriber are not permitted.’
    2. 1.2 A fax machine.
      • ‘The invention makes possible estimating and control of the printing/copying process costs through printers, telefaxes and other digital multifunctional units operating locally or in the network of any user of this equipment.’
      • ‘An electrographic printing apparatus capable of functioning as a copier, printer, and telefax machine is disclosed.’
      • ‘Guest services include portable telefax units, guest history program, and airport limousine and representative.’
      copy, reproduction, duplicate, photocopy, mimeograph, mimeo, replica, likeness, carbon, carbon copy, print, reprint, offprint, image
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[with object]usually as adjective telefaxed
  • Send (a message) by fax.

    ‘telefaxed bills of lading’
    • ‘A maximum of five pages excluding the cover sheet will be telefaxed.’
    • ‘If it is a telefaxed or a mailed rush request, the request will be returned.’
    • ‘A written probable cause statement shall be presented to the magistrate, although the statement may be verbally communicated by telephone, telefaxed, or otherwise electronically transmitted to the magistrate.’
    • ‘The Addendum was also telefaxed on the same day to various leading members of Congress.’
    • ‘A financial institution may provide the required data by submitting electronic media in a compatible format, delivering, mailing, or telefaxing a copy of the data, or by other means authorized by the commissioner of human services that will result in timely reporting.’


1940s: abbreviation of telefacsimile.