Definition of telefacsimile in US English:



  • another term for fax
    • ‘The Industrial Commission may adopt procedures for filing by telefacsimile transmission in other instances.’
    • ‘But since the invention of carbon paper and, still more, the photocopier and the telefacsimile machine, that purpose has largely gone.’
    • ‘If the telefacsimile machine malfunctions, the telefacsimile document shall be stamped as of the date actually received in the office.’
    • ‘Do not install any duplicators, facsimiles and telefacsimiles in rooms without permission of the security departments of the hotels and restaurants.’
    • ‘Photocopies, including telefacsimiles, of this signed Power of Attorney shall be treated as original counterparts.’
    • ‘If receipt of delivery by telefacsimile is after 5: 00 P.M., service will be deemed to have been completed on the next business day.’
    • ‘Examples of consumer electronics include, but are not limited to, computers, printers, copiers, telefacsimiles, VCRs, stereos, televisions, and telecommunication devices.’
    • ‘It does not, however, include telefacsimiles, normal voice-to-voice telephone communications or telemarketing, non-electronic messages (surface mail, flyers) and many ‘pop up’ windows that appear in the Internet.’
    • ‘Systems of this kind are referred to as telefacsimile systems in present-day parlance.’
    • ‘It is possible to send text messages and telefacsimiles directly from a textphone via the Relay Service for Text Telephony.’
    • ‘This effect was most obvious in classrooms that had incorporated telecommunications activities, but other classes used technologies such as satellite broadcasts, telefacsimiles, and the telephone to help bring in outside resources.’
    • ‘Many libraries use telefacsimile equipment to transmit requests but not the material itself.’
    • ‘If a standard telefacsimile acknowledgement is not received, then step 145 exits from the transmission routine.’
    • ‘Material that once had to be slowly printed out on a telefacsimile or even received through the mail with a paid subscription to a service is now quickly available on the Web.’
    • ‘These Rules introduce provisions for the filing of documents by telefacsimile transmission and introduce a multi-class system of application.’