Definition of telecomputer in English:



  • A device that combines the capabilities of a computer with those of a television and a telephone, particularly for multimedia applications.

    • ‘The telecomputer already had the capability of automatically dialing and performing data transfers.’
    • ‘This was a bad sign for the telecomputer, though few appreciated just how bad a sign until it was too late.’
    • ‘With telecomputers and multimedia, with the distribution of camcorders, videotechnologies are aspiring to the condition of the telephone, not an environment well suited to advertising.’
    • ‘In the telecomputer model championed in this paper, initially, the consumer's point & click remote signalling unit will be the touchtone phone.’
    • ‘The evolution of DVD promises telecomputers to find their way into our living rooms, linked to a large flat screen which will be able to display HDTV, Standard Definition TV, video…’
    • ‘They are powerful enough for most occasions and their telecomputer even permits automatic use of flash.’
    • ‘Futurists have been predicting the wave of personal telecomputers for some time now.’
    • ‘These personal telecomputers will become thoroughly decentralized and more and more individualized.’
    • ‘On a larger scale, telecomputers can be placed in all major cities and linked.’
    • ‘When we have the telecomputer connected to the all-optical network, we will enter what he calls the ‘age of the telecomputer.’’
    • ‘Between the two, it is possible to extract the inherent objective of a telecomputer system.’
    • ‘But if the looks of the telecomputer are like those of a TV set, the service we can receive from this new appliance will be overwhelming.’
    • ‘Therefore, you can expect up to 50% more calls than telecomputers with the OUT-DATED ‘message tape deck’ technology.’
    • ‘As today's ascii-based hardware is replaced with broadband switched networks and telecomputers, many users may desert what they see as the limited capabilities of prose for the supposedly more expressive medium of video.’
    • ‘The Universal Serial Bus, USB is an ideal candidate to interconnect the various optional devices that a telecomputer might have.’