Definition of telecommute in US English:



[no object]usually as noun telecommuting
  • Work from home, making use of the Internet, email, and the telephone.

    • ‘All 17 companies offer employees telecommuting and job-sharing options; 16 offer flextime.’
    • ‘About 46% of small companies allow telecommuting, but it's still a good idea to do a three - to six-month test run before establishing any policy.’
    • ‘Other initiatives to help attract and retain staff include morale-boosting benefits such as telecommuting and easier access to unpaid time off for reasons such as extended travel.’
    • ‘I don't even see the point, since the job allows for telecommuting.’
    • ‘More women are taking time away from paid employment or working in unconventional settings, telecommuting, working part-time, or job-sharing in order to spend time with children.’
    • ‘How about staying with your parents and telecommuting to work?’
    • ‘Experts say businesses should promote telecommuting, using the Internet and telephone for meetings, along with utilizing technology to monitor traffic flow, reducing accidents and improving throughput.’
    • ‘Also, with telecommuting, it's far easier to work at home for many people.’
    • ‘From telecommuting to centralized support services to offshore productivity centers, physical location's role is diminishing in relevance.’
    • ‘Consumers cited telecommuting and online video games as two important factors in their decision to sign up for broadband access.’
    • ‘Companies have implemented ‘working mother’ policies such as maternity leave, childcare referral services, part-time employment, telecommuting, and flexible hours.’
    • ‘Tomorrow I call my boss and tell him that I'm telecommuting from here.’
    • ‘It certainly helps that we've telecommuted from the beginning; if we had started out as a regular company and then tried to institute telecommuting, I think it would have been much more difficult.’
    • ‘This might mean leaving your work at the office for some and telecommuting for others.’
    • ‘It also facilitates telecommuting - working from a location remote from the office or other place of business - making it possible for many people to work at jobs anywhere in the country, without moving away from home.’
    • ‘So, many at-home dads find ways to stay active and even earn a few dollars - consulting, telecommuting, working part-time, or starting a part-time business out of the home.’
    • ‘And instead of flying to your next business meeting simply because your company will pay for it, try carpooling or taking a train, or telecommuting via phone, fax or the Internet.’
    • ‘More employees are telecommuting full- or part-time.’
    • ‘If you can't get as much time as you'd like, try to negotiate a staggered return, telecommuting, or working part time temporarily.’
    • ‘So the work of the court can be done basically by telecommuting, with some rare exceptions.’