Definition of telco in US English:



  • A telecommunications company.

    • ‘All over the world, telcos have seen customers switching to cable and mobile phone services.’
    • ‘Most telcos have trenched enough fiber to carry signals across long distances.’
    • ‘Once word of the network hit the papers, the telco and service provider lobby swung into action.’
    • ‘The Singapore authorities already require telcos here to note down the particulars of prepaid card buyers.’
    • ‘Will the cities be forced to partner with telcos to help them operate and manage the networks?’
    • ‘This is the latest in a series of setbacks for telcos and telco equipment manufacturers.’
    • ‘Why did the telcos previously believe that subscribers at any cost would be a viable business plan?’
    • ‘Do I need to tell you how like almost any enterprise, big telcos hate to be regulated?’
    • ‘An enterprise will look for a breadth of services from the telcos and strong competition in a potential location.’
    • ‘This is simply a way for the telcos to advertise lower prices than they're really charging.’
    • ‘It opens up a huge playing field for mobile telcos who see the opportunity to offer financial services.’
    • ‘Bringing costs down will have to become a major priority for both cable companies and the telcos.’
    • ‘The monster telco reckons that 91 payphones will be kitted out by the end of the week.’
    • ‘The size of the States has also reinforced the monopolistic behaviour of many US telcos and service providers.’
    • ‘It is a huge consortium of domain registrars, registry operators, telcos and technology companies.’
    • ‘The telcos responsible for broadband infrastructure can now see where and how they can make money.’
    • ‘The telco already runs Wi-Fi public access hot spots and payphones at all three sites.’
    • ‘I also understand that the major telcos and cablecos are in a lobbying frenzy to prevent this as well.’
    • ‘By doing this telcos will be able to more easily roll out high bandwidth Internet access to both business and residential customers.’
    • ‘Quoted company share prices in this sector have suffered alongside telcos in other markets - but undeservedly so.’


1970s: abbreviation.