Definition of telangiectatic in US English:



  • See telangiectasia

    • ‘The most important differential diagnosis is with telangiectatic osteosarcoma, however, which features a disorderly proliferation of clearly malignant atypical cells in a vascular background.’
    • ‘Since it can be confused with several lesions, including telangiectatic osteosarcoma, awareness of this rare appearance of aneurysmal bone cyst is important to avoid unnecessary radical surgery.’
    • ‘They may be associated with large telangiectatic vessels or may exhibit thick scaling that mimics psoriasis.’
    • ‘The patient's medical history was significant for grade 4 osteosarcoma, telangiectatic variant, of the left femur at the age of 6 years, with bilateral lung metastases.’
    • ‘Nodulocystic basal cell carcinoma presents as a solitary, shiny, red nodule with large telangiectatic vessels, often seen on the face.’