Definition of teethe in US English:



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  • Grow or cut milk teeth.

    ‘my son is teething so some nights I barely sleep’
    • ‘Other conditions can also result in earaches, such as teething, a foreign object in the ear, or hard earwax.’
    • ‘Fever can also be caused by teething, dehydration and some childhood immunisations.’
    • ‘Parents, midwives, health visitors, and doctors blame teething for a wide range of symptoms in babies, including diarrhoea, drooling, crankiness, rashes, and strong smelling urine.’
    • ‘Your baby may also tug on their ear or even develop cold symptoms whilst teething.’
    • ‘My mom said he's teething and has been pretty fussy lately.’
    • ‘From changing nappies to breastfeeding, weaning to teething, there are 101 things to learn when you have a new baby.’
    • ‘You want the very best pediatrician for your baby - someone you can turn to for advice on teething, ear infections, potty training and the major stages of your child's development.’
    • ‘Reasons for biting behavior among toddlers in group child care include teething, impulsiveness and lack of self-control, overstimulation, and frustration.’
    • ‘Although tender and swollen gums could cause your baby's temperature to be a little higher than normal, teething, as a rule, does not cause high fever or diarrhea.’
    • ‘Try Teething Granules, which help relieve restlessness and irritability due to pain and tenderness associated with teething.’
    • ‘Teeth can therefore serve a variety of functions in our lives from the time that the first deciduous (milk or primary) teeth appear, a process commonly known as teething.’
    • ‘If she hadn't seen them with her own eyes, Rebecca probably wouldn't have known her daughter was teething.’
    • ‘Increased drooling is common at this age but not necessarily associated with teething.’
    • ‘Chamomilla is good for earaches associated with teething.’
    • ‘Today, this species is a sedative given in mild form to infants during teething and is used in commercial diuretics.’
    • ‘It's been tiring and she's teething but I get a lot of support.’
    • ‘Hypersecretion commonly is caused by inflammation, such as teething, dental caries, and oral cavity infection.’
    • ‘He has been teething for about three weeks now, with no sign of the impending teeth.’
    • ‘Children often experience some of these symptoms while teething (growing teeth).’
    • ‘Paracetamol and teething gels were widely recommended by all groups, and 41 pharmacists recommended sedating medication.’
    • ‘We share the same problems faced by most families with an 18-month-old child - teething, toddling, etc.’
    • ‘I think the main reason for this is that she's teething.’
    • ‘This always seems to happen when she is teething.’
    • ‘He had taken up that nasty habit lately, but I assumed it was just because he was teething.’
    • ‘She knew how irritable he got when his baby was teething.’
    • ‘Apparently, a toddler can have swollen glands for teething, a cold, any little virus.’
    • ‘If babies are teething, rub peppermint oil or aloe vera gel on the gums, or give them a teaspoon of the chamomile/ginger tea brew as needed.’
    • ‘For mild cases of teething, most infants will benefit from combination teething tablets that contain multiple homeopathic remedies.’
    • ‘However, small children have been known to incur health problems by ingesting loose chips of lead paint or by teething on painted woodwork, such as window sills.’
    • ‘If she turns around, she'll see the silver fob and chain, marked by their daughter's teething.’
    • ‘Some are designed to numb very specific types of pain - for example, from teething, hemorrhoids or sunburn.’
    • ‘The causes for chewing wood can be tooth problems and teething, stomach or intestinal parasites or mineral deficiency.’
    • ‘Not everyone agrees that babies cry because they are teething - but many parents are convinced it causes some crying.’
    • ‘I have a feeling that poor Franklin is teething.’
    • ‘If you think the temperature is due to teething, run your finger over the gums to see if the gums are hot and sore.’
    • ‘As you might expect, there's plenty of questions and advice about teething, naps, and feeding.’
    • ‘She has been teething so I brought her downstairs and got her settled on the sofa.’
    • ‘In every group most of those who believed that teething causes symptoms ascribed irritability, dribbling or drooling, biting objects, sleep problems, inflamed gums, and red cheeks to teething.’
    • ‘Fortunately he soon got better - I think it was probably a virus or he was teething.’
    • ‘Oil of cloves is mildly anaesthetic and is often used to soothe babies who are teething.’


Late Middle English: from teeth.