Definition of tee off on someone/something in US English:

tee off on someone/something

phrasal verb

  • Sharply attack someone or something.

    ‘he will tee off on conservative politicians’
    ‘Chang teed off on his opponent's serve’
    • ‘There is one reason to tee off on her friends, and that's when they do the jealous stab in the back.’
    • ‘Without Hambrick being effective, the Panthers will tee off on Carter.’
    • ‘Unless they fix their running game, Julian and Co will tee off on Maddox.’
    • ‘The more efficient the running game is, the better the pass protection becomes, because the defense can't tee off on Carr.’
    • ‘That includes criticism from the Red Sox, who took turns teeing off on him earlier this spring.’
    • ‘If you're off by a hair, the batter will tee off on you.’
    • ‘After reading this quote, I teed off on Smith, believing his words to be at odds with what's on screen in his new motion picture.’
    • ‘Norton's jab proved difficult for Ali to penetrate and his pressing style never allowed Ali to tee off on Norton.’
    • ‘Andrew and Mickey are teeing off on John.’
    • ‘And that was mainly due to a terrible cut over his eye that hindered his vision while Colin teed off on him.’