Definition of tee-ball in US English:


(also t-ball)


  • A game for young children, played by the rules of baseball, in which the ball is not pitched but hit from a stationary tee.

    • ‘‘We found that 73 percent of the leagues used safety balls of some sort in at least one age division, most often for youngsters playing tee-ball, and about 34 percent used face guards in at least one division,’ he said.’
    • ‘So, baseball, well, tee-ball is back in Washington.’
    • ‘You are the best, this is why we have won state but you will not win again if you play like tee-ball boys!’
    • ‘There is no base stealing in Tee Ball because there is no pitching.’
    • ‘Basically it consists of a tee-ball batter setup, a single base and a crowd of enthusiastic (if wayward) kids.’