Definition of technospeak in US English:



  • another term for technobabble
    • ‘Yes, in an area which has prided itself on creating new technospeak terms, the Internet community has really outdone itself this time with the word ‘blog’ (an abbreviation of the term ‘weblog’).’
    • ‘If there are two scientists, both with Ph.D.s, arguing opposite viewpoints using technospeak that no non-scientist could easily understand, who is going to be believed?’
    • ‘With its nondescript, brainiac anti-heroes and dialogue crammed with technospeak, it is the ultimate geek movie.’
    • ‘And she would belittle people with her technospeak to make them look stupid.’
    • ‘The users, however, were not entirely delighted when messages with a subject starting with " - SPAM ‘began arriving in their inboxes, with blocks of technospeak at the top and no human-readable HTML messages.’’
    • ‘Essentially westerns set in space, they both cover the universal themes of good versus evil while making the lead actors spit out mind-boggling technospeak on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Film-making, like any other profession, relies on a mishmash of creative terms, jargon and technospeak, allowing effective communication between cast and crew.’
    • ‘The lesson they appear to have learned is: if you want to look and sound professional, you should babble on in technospeak rather than simply saying what you sell.’
    • ‘In technospeak, the primary issue for servers in mission-critical roles is ‘high availability,’ or HA.’