Definition of technological in US English:



  • Relating to or using technology.

    ‘the quickening pace of technological change’
    • ‘I would like to better understand what is at play in our technological experiences.’
    • ‘On close inspection this area of technology has an abysmal record of technological advancement.’
    • ‘In fact, subsidies and technological innovation had already led to overproduction.’
    • ‘The proper mechanisms and procedures and technological infrastructure had to be in place as well.’
    • ‘It's remarkably good to be living through this part of the technological revolution.’
    • ‘How many technological leaps of this order can we expect in our lifetimes?’
    • ‘Futurologists have noted an exponential acceleration in the pace of technological change.’
    • ‘We brought into being many other things with our scientific and technological power.’
    • ‘When that happens, it will make all previous technological revolutions seem like minor hiccups.’
    • ‘Attempts to devise a technological solution to spam are ongoing, and admittedly difficult.’
    • ‘We do need to accept that scientific and technological advances will often be accompanied by new risks.’
    • ‘This shift is inexorable due to the nature of technological improvement.’
    • ‘In the process it has surprised many people with its mix of design and technological innovation.’
    • ‘The technological secrets of the Minster are to be disclosed to the public as part of National Science Week.’
    • ‘Is the quality of life now better for the technological advancements we have made?’
    • ‘In the course of his career, he could expect to see huge scientific and technological advances.’
    • ‘At the same time technological innovation will be even more crucial if the company is to continue growing.’
    • ‘For all our technological and intellectual advances, we are impotent when nature rears up against us.’
    • ‘The result is usually scientific and technological stagnation except in the short term.’
    • ‘It is a true cliche that the modern world is a pre-eminently scientific and technological one.’
    practical, scientific, applied, applying science, non-theoretical
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