Definition of technobabble in US English:



  • Incomprehensible technical jargon.

    • ‘The humor, technobabble, and melodrama are all here.’
    • ‘All of this technobabble will cease very shortly.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the show actually manages to make that entire plot comprehensible - and free from the usual expository technobabble that drags down many of its kin.’
    • ‘Alas, a technobabble loophole helps save the day.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it leaves the public in the position of trying to discern legitimate science from nonsensical technobabble.’
    • ‘Instead, we are offered a tiny tale filled with comical technobabble.’
    • ‘One of the film's chief flaws is its reliance on gadgets and technobabble over real action.’
    • ‘‘Resonant energy transfer’ is sheer technobabble - and not even good technobabble.’
    • ‘Numerous lapses in continuity and story logic - not to mention the constant flood of technobabble - also hampered numerous episodes.’
    • ‘I didn't come all the way here just to hear someone like you spouting out a whole bunch of technobabble.’
    • ‘He knows when to sprinkle his company saga with telling anecdotes and when to lay off the technobabble.’
    • ‘There's some astonishing imagination at work here, and when the big central concept is revealed, near the end, it makes sense and is convincing rather than being empty technobabble.’
    • ‘As with the other pseudosciences listed above, even educated, intelligent people get taken in by the convincing technobabble used to promote it, but careful testing and analysis soon reveal the flaws.’
    • ‘In the heart of this technological maze sat two men, absorbed in technobabble.’
    • ‘You come in here and waste my time by talking security technobabble!’