Definition of techno-thriller in US English:



  • A novel or movie in which the excitement of the plot depends in large part upon the descriptions of computers, weapons, software, military vehicles, or other machines.

    ‘Tom Clancy's best-selling technothriller’
    • ‘Crichton has made a career out of writing techno-thrillers - The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, Airframe, Sphere.’
    • ‘Tom Clancy may have started it with his techno-thriller gaming company but more recently, large and well-known developers are turning to high-profile military talent in order to enhance realism.’
    • ‘When it comes to the techno-thriller, Clancy is the king.’
    • ‘During the summer, many of us avail ourselves of giant blockbuster books, bodice-rippers and techno-thrillers, tomes about the size of a brick with the sustenance of cotton candy.’
    • ‘Part two is also an improvement in that it reads rather more like a regular non-literary techno-thriller, which seems to me to be an advantage.’
    • ‘The result was his first novel, Digital Fortress, a techno-thriller laced with conspiracy.’
    • ‘Here's an idea for a hybrid science fiction / techno-thriller story I'm working on.’
    • ‘Crichton, in particular, has put images in our mind, with a series of best-selling techno-thrillers, many of which have been transformed into blockbuster motion pictures.’
    • ‘Together they meld their knowledge of geography, satellite navigation, and weapons systems technology into a readable blend of techno-thriller and futures analyses.’
    • ‘Readers may differ on whether this combination of Chick Lit and techno-thriller succeeds, but it's hard not to admire the audacity of the experiment.’
    • ‘A truly great techno-thriller has yet to emerge, which is odd because technology, with its bleeping gadgets and fast-paced information overload, provides a dazzling backdrop for a clever film.’
    • ‘Following the chronology of Clancy's mega-popular techno-thrillers, then, The Sum of All Fears is the next logical choice.’
    • ‘The film manages to combine the futuristic techno-thriller with the zombie screamfest.’
    • ‘‘Tinkerers’, I would say, write big stand-alone thrillers, military novels, espionage, techno-thrillers, gangster-themed books, and so on and so forth.’
    • ‘Maybe it's too much a low-budget, sci-fi, techno-thriller mind bend, but that was what it started as.’



/ˈteknō ˌT͟Hrilər/