Definition of technician in US English:



  • 1A person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory.

    ‘a laboratory technician’
    • ‘Equally, many of the shortages in public services such as the health service from nurses to radiographers and laboratory technicians will disappear.’
    • ‘The report also expressed concern about the pay and conditions for laboratory technicians, saying an additional 4,000 were needed in schools.’
    • ‘However, he also said the Government must make a commitment to funding that would ensure every school has a modern laboratory and technicians to assist teachers.’
    • ‘Laboratory technicians battling cancer want to improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease.’
    • ‘I have worked as a hotel night-clerk, a taxicab driver, a tree puller, a house painter, and a laboratory technician.’
    • ‘One woman, a laboratory technician, is believed to have been taken to hospital as a precaution when she reported breathing in fumes.’
    • ‘By the time the aircraft lands the truck will be waiting with the technicians, spares and equipment on board to repair the aircraft.’
    • ‘The team would also include two laboratory technicians well acquainted with gene technology and biochemical techniques.’
    • ‘Hundreds of crew members, technicians and film laboratory workers were sworn to secrecy.’
    • ‘I attended college, graduated with honours, and secured a position at a general hospital as a laboratory technician.’
    • ‘Next, select the staff members that will be using this machine the most, and have the equipment technician perform the proper training.’
    • ‘He started his working life as a laboratory technician and spent five years completing an Open University degree before becoming a science teacher.’
    • ‘The same technician using the same equipment performed the echocardiography.’
    • ‘The program he took is dual-purpose: to train construction equipment operators and technicians.’
    • ‘Our study could not have been completed without the hard work of numerous field and laboratory technicians.’
    • ‘A laboratory technician checked urine for ultraviolet fluorescence indicating the presence of riboflavin.’
    • ‘To use the device, a laboratory technician places each patient sample in a separate well of an eight-well block, which is then handled as a unit.’
    • ‘The site currently employs technical and mechanical engineers, chemical analysts, laboratory technicians and support staff.’
    • ‘The care unit includes a laboratory with a technician and a pharmacy with a pharmacist.’
    • ‘A medical laboratory technician is not expected to become a supervisor, nor is he or she qualified to act as a technical consultant.’
    engineering officer, controller, handler, driver
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    1. 1.1 An expert in the practical application of a science.
      • ‘This is the main reason there is such an extreme shortage of these specialized technicians.’
      • ‘The company is englamoured by research scientists, ‘the technicians in masks and gowns absorbed in their specialist tasks’.’
      • ‘In addition to the call for expert technicians, there is also the need, especially among fleets, for any repair or replacement to be completed as soon as possible.’
      • ‘A photographer has to be a digital expert, an electrician, and a communication technician as well as being a good photographer.’
      • ‘Martin, a well-known technician and author, noted this in his writings.’
      • ‘From there, he introduced other drivers and now the team runs smoothly with engine experts and software technicians aiding them from Italy.’
      • ‘They have become huge international collaborations involving hundreds of scientists, technicians, and computer experts.’
      • ‘As I said in the lecture, I support the specialists, the technicians and the analysts.’
      • ‘In stepped the experts, especially food technicians.’
      • ‘The scientists, the technicians, the experts - they must know the answers to our questions.’
      • ‘Both studies show a similar relationship between the trained health care professional and the expert vascular technician.’
      • ‘In the quiet rural setting of Bandiana a team of skilled technicians are continuing a tradition that lasted for more than 50 years.’
      • ‘The deal would also bring new jobs for our skilled rail technicians, many of whom will have worked for three or four different companies over the last turbulent decade.’
      • ‘This incident involved very senior and skilled technicians, as well as seasoned maintenance-control personnel.’
      • ‘Specialist technicians are responsible for maintaining and modifying these recipes and have greater freedom in controlling the plant.’
      expert, specialist, authority, genius, mastermind
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    2. 1.2 A person skilled in the technique of an art or craft.
      ‘Liszt was one of the greatest piano technicians of all time’
      • ‘The junior leading men, admirable technicians to whom the notion of charisma is alien, don't appear destined for stardom.’
      • ‘I can't think of a finer person to have taught me the sport-he was a master technician who had a real knack for dealing with kids.’
      • ‘A highly skilled interpreter of music, she was also an excellent technician.’
      • ‘We saw two highly skilled chess technicians at work.’
      • ‘He is recognized as one of the finest piano technicians in America.’
      • ‘Danny is a fine character actor, a master technician of his craft, one of our best.’
      • ‘An unrepentant classic from a master technician who's been writing songs since the Fifties and still seems at the top of his game.’
      • ‘His orthodox Seoinage was so sharp, judo historians consider him to be one of the top five technicians in history.’
      • ‘Many see strategies and tactics slowly replacing the pure skilled technicians of yesterday.’
      • ‘Louis was also the most faultless fighter in history as a technician regardless of weight division, he was picture perfect.’
      craftsman, craftswoman, craftsperson, skilled worker, mechanic, operative, maker, smith, wright, journeyman
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