Definition of technical college in US English:

technical college


  • A college providing courses in a range of practical subjects, such as information technology, applied sciences, engineering, agriculture, and secretarial skills.

    • ‘Many of these are not universities, but technical colleges and institutions where computer and language skills are honed.’
    • ‘This article will review how community and technical colleges have provided skill upgrade training in the past, and how these efforts have been funded.’
    • ‘Among the oldest of the technical colleges is the Higher Institute of Agriculture, which was founded in 1962.’
    • ‘This democratization of learning has resulted in the development of nearly 1,200 community and technical colleges across the United States.’
    • ‘Universities and technical colleges offer several potential benefits to industry.’
    • ‘He said government departments had bursary schemes in technikons and technical colleges to provide learners with financial assistance.’
    • ‘Only 15 percent of children from poor families go to the more specialised technical colleges and universities.’
    • ‘In the 1960s and 1970s, new universities were founded, including the first regional university and a number of technical colleges and teacher training colleges.’
    • ‘From school he was enrolled in a technical college - this was considered the most practical option, as a child from his background was expected to support the family from a young age.’
    • ‘At the same time, a group of engineering students from the technical college formed a club and asked to join the partnership.’
    • ‘The essence of the document's argument was that public schools and technical colleges had to compete with each other and with private providers for shrinking education funds.’
    • ‘The Republic has three different types of schools: grammar schools for the most academic students, technical colleges for the vocationally minded and secondary moderns for general studies.’
    • ‘It generally takes twelve years to obtain a high school diploma or senior certificate which is required to continue studies at a technical college or university.’
    • ‘A number of private universities are discussing plans to merge with technical colleges.’
    • ‘The two-year colleges included both community colleges and technical colleges where college degree level courses were offered.’
    • ‘However, post-secondary education is offered at a teachers' training college, a technical college, and a nursing school.’
    • ‘Specialist schools, and technical colleges used to be the norm for those sorts of qualifications, and a very good job they did too.’
    • ‘It is also ideal as an educational tool for university, technical college and high school engineering and industrial design departments.’
    • ‘At the same time community and technical colleges have experienced cuts in state and local funding resulting in added pressure for continuing education divisions to be fully self-supported.’
    • ‘We are being told that community and technical colleges are integral to the economic and workforce success of the country.’


technical college

/ˈteknəkəl ˈkälij//ˈtɛknəkəl ˈkɑlɪdʒ/