Definition of tear someone limb from limb in US English:

tear someone limb from limb


  • Violently dismember someone.

    • ‘I narrow my eyes in such a way that even if I'm not imagining tearing them limb from limb, if you caught my gaze at that moment you would at least think that's what I was imagining.’
    • ‘The betrayed son ran toward the red-stained patriarch, arms outstretched, meaning to tear him limb from limb.’
    • ‘I imagine they're tearing him limb from limb just about now.’
    • ‘You know I'll tear him limb from limb if he did anything to hurt you.’
    • ‘They intensify their grip on me, willing me every which way, tearing me limb from limb, like a rag doll in the empty sea of space.’
    • ‘The US sent troops to occupy Haiti in 1915 after a mob dragged President Guillaume Sam from his palace and tore him limb from limb.’
    • ‘I think what he is implying is that he has a fearsome reputation and will tear you limb from limb, should the moment arise.’
    • ‘She wanted to look away, fear that he would tear her limb from limb.’
    • ‘Maybe it'll give you a chance to calm down before you tear George limb from limb.’
    • ‘We are going to march and you men I expect to tear them limb from limb.’