Definition of tear sheet in US English:

tear sheet


  • A page that can be or has been removed from a newspaper, magazine, or book for use separately.

    • ‘My eyes fell on the big tear sheet from the Vancouver Sun on my kitchen table.’
    • ‘After the ‘qualified’ advertisement has run, a dealer sends a tear sheet and advertising invoices to the manufacturer or their marketing support to be reimbursed for all or part of the cost.’
    • ‘For each question raised within these sections, there is a web page of information, which can be printed like a tear sheet or an independent fact sheet.’
    • ‘On one wall hang tear sheets of covers from the last two years of Mirabella; on the opposite wall, near her desk, are the most recent Elle covers.’
    • ‘The image derives from a newspaper tear sheet that, at the gallery, was labeled as a discrete object and fixed to a wall.’


tear sheet

/ˈter ˌSHēt//ˈtɛr ˌʃit/