Definition of tear-off in US English:



  • Denoting something that is removed by being torn off, typically along a perforated line.

    ‘please complete the tear-off slip’
    • ‘Indeed, the procedure for insuring confidentiality - the tear-off card contains a different randomly matched number from the questionnaire itself - is explained to them.’
    • ‘But by the time she looked in on her, her mother was in bed, staring at the tear-off wall calendar.’
    • ‘The bill which quotes an address in Denmark, has an invoice number, a ‘payment due’ date, a ‘customer account number’, and even a bank giro credit tear-off slip.’
    • ‘Those players already intending to attend are asked to send in the tear-off confirmation slip as soon as possible.’
    • ‘Essentially cable ties, they have a tear-off tab containing the tie number so that one can determine if the tag they affix is the same one on the bag at the time of arrival.’
    • ‘When members advise DHA of their posting, the organisation will send them a letter with a tear-off card in a reply-paid envelope.’
    • ‘So when I opened this year's tear-off desk calendar and found that, in addition to the daily quotation, it had this feature as a new bit of information.’
    • ‘This involves reaching customers via communications media such as telesales, mailshots, catalogues, or advertisements with tear-off reply slips.’
    • ‘The trust staged four meetings earlier this year and sent out a form with a tear-off strip to every patient of both GPs' practices.’
    • ‘16 Falls were monitored for one year for each person with participants using prepaid, addressed, tear-off monthly postcard calendars.’
    • ‘The form also included a tear-off sheet that solicited participant phone numbers for follow-up; these were number-coded to match the original questionnaire and retained for tracking retests.’
    • ‘The pamphlet outlines student rights and provides a tear-off form that students can submit to their schools to remove their name from the recruiting lists sent to the military.’
    • ‘The bookmarks now have a tear-off portion that act as raffle tickets, with the top prize a specially painted portrait.’
    • ‘Participants were also passively recruited using tear-off flyers, study cards, advertisements in gay and mainstream publications, and through referrals from friends.’
    • ‘Gü Puds, for example, which makes gooey chocolate puddings, recently carried on its packaging a tear-off cardboard strip that offered customers a free Johnny Depp DVD.’
    • ‘Oberweis, which currently applies a shrink-sleeve band and tear-off ring around the caps of its milk bottles, will soon launch new tamper-evident seals.’
    • ‘The trial involved sending members, who had received a posting, a letter with a simple tear-off card and reply paid envelope to help speed up confirmation of posting intentions.’
    • ‘One highly effective type of flier is the kind with tear-off tabs at the bottom.’
    • ‘Under the trial, held from March to May, some members who had received a posting were sent a letter with a tear-off card and reply paid envelope to help speed up confirmation of posting intentions.’
    • ‘First, every coupon that was sold had a tear-off portion that collected the name, address, e-mail and phone number of the person buying the coupon (90 percent were obtained).’
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