Definition of teamster in US English:



  • 1North American A truck driver.

    • ‘Her mate of five decades is a retired teamster and Chicago public schoolteacher.’
    • ‘To find work as a waiter or teamster, you need experience.’
    • ‘That's the kind of burly teamster, night worker, who was very isolated from the jury.’
    • ‘I think he may have some information about a murdered teamster from Santa Fe.’
    • ‘Creating animation doesn't require a crew of thousands armed with walkie-talkies or a convoy of teamsters to move your production.’
    • ‘It was preceded by a motorcade of teamsters, bikes and vintage cars.’
    • ‘Stu is in many ways a walking contradiction: a Jewish teamster and front man of a hardcore punk-rock band.’
    • ‘And regarding juror number eight, the teamster sitting on the front row, I've watched him myself, Larry, when a portion of Scott Peterson's tape was playing during closing arguments.’
    1. 1.1 A member of the Teamsters Union, including truck drivers, chauffeurs, and warehouse workers.
      • ‘Or, possibly, a union rally for lumberjacks, stevedores or teamsters - there were a lot of gruff, hefty, plaid-shirted figures in attendance.’
      • ‘What the teamsters are worried about is lay-offs due to mechanization, not competition.’
      • ‘It circumscribed boycotts and forms of picketing that teamsters used to establish their power.’
      • ‘I couldn't believe it when I turned on the television and saw these young people coming together with the organised trade unionists, especially the teamsters and the steelworkers.’
      • ‘You know, you saw Nader with the teamsters this week, and James Hoffa suggesting that they were toying with the idea of not endorsing Gore - endorsing Nader.’
      • ‘His list of 54 organisations ranged from teamster unions to the mainstream NGOs to obscure anarchist groups like the Black Clad Messengers.’
      • ‘Here was a politician who looked like a teamster boss and sometimes behaved like one, but at least he talked sense about abolishing Washington's greatest bugbear of the cold war years.’
      • ‘He also has won the support of the largest teamsters local in Illinois, Local 705 Chicago, representing more than 21,000 members.’
      • ‘Like Ahab, he hounded teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa for more than a decade, bending every rule of evidence and prosecutorial ethics until he finally landed his prey.’
      • ‘Argentina's second-largest trade union confederation, led by teamster's leader Hugo Moyano, organized the protest.’
      • ‘Longshoremen rank with teamsters in the lore of hard-nosed trade unionists and Hobsbawm preferred their leader's politics.’
      • ‘And due to its popularity with mafia types (part of the Godfather was filmed here), besides a few hoodlums in concrete slippers, one-time teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa is supposedly in there too.’
      • ‘The image of Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters seemed very ‘Hollywood’ in comparison to this outfit.’
      • ‘But the president is trying in a very deliberate way to reach out to those elements of organized labor that might be friendly to him - the teamsters, the steel workers, the machinists.’
      • ‘We see the teamsters support people like Nixon and Reagan.’
      • ‘For a few years, the local labor movement as a whole was on fire: teamsters and dockworkers launched wildcat strikes in 1972.’
      • ‘The AFL-CIO, the teamsters and others have vowed to force congress to reject the bilateral agreement.’
      • ‘I've been with Allan since we helped take the teamsters away from the mob.’
      • ‘Later however, it came to light that the child's medical care was in fact free to the family as it was covered by his father's insurance as a member of the teamsters' union in Los Angeles.’
      • ‘We even agreed to pay it back if we didn't affiliate with the teamsters.’
  • 2A driver of a team of animals.

    • ‘He had been a teamster in his pioneering days in the Centre, and appreciated his big old draft horses far more than he appreciated most people.’
    • ‘When silver was discovered across the border at Silverton, Thackaringa and Broken Hill teamsters from Terowie had more work than they could handle.’
    • ‘The small town of Carrieton, originally known as Yanyarrie Whim in the Hundred of Eurelia, was a stopping place for teamsters on the copper road from Burra to Blinman.’
    • ‘His eldest son Joseph, born in 1831, later married Louisa Johnson, became a teamster and worked for a time from William Creek on the Oodnadatta Track.’
    • ‘Markets for scouts, guides, equipment, guidebooks, and teamsters were all readily supplied by enthusiastic entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘Several teamsters from Blinman found work carting poles for its construction.’
    • ‘He soon had enough copper ore dug up to start advertising for teamsters.’
    • ‘Finding teamsters, to transport the hand picked ore to Port Adelaide for smelting at Swansea, proved a major problem.’
    • ‘Captain Prisk and his men, together with the other mine owners in the Northern Flinders Ranges were in desperate need of teamsters.’
    • ‘In turn, the Afghan camel teamsters followed the telegraph line, as did, soon after, the Central Australian Railway.’
    • ‘Wheat farmers, grape growers, hawkers, wattle growers, charcoal burners, timber cutters and teamsters all needed good roads for their businesses to operate successfully.’
    • ‘Lawson's ‘The Teams’ is still one of my favourite poems - partly because I know how accurate was Lawson's description of the taciturn, hard-working teamsters.’
    • ‘It gave work to many teamsters, such as Eli and W.H. Peacock, blacksmiths, including James Lobban and others.’
    • ‘Naturally wherever the teamsters stopped for the night an eating house would be built to cash in on the passing travellers.’
    • ‘Regular teamsters used bullocks until the late 1920s.’
    • ‘The family later moved to Saltia where William operated as a teamster, carting materials for the Overland Telegraph.’
    • ‘Naturally a hotel was established in due course and when Thomas Turner opened it in 1888 overnight stops by these teamsters, farmers and other travellers often took two or three days.’
    • ‘They turned this costly process into profit by selling wood to teamsters as backloading to the Blinman mine.’
    • ‘The first teamster to provide transport services in and around Quorn was William Abbott, who operated from Saltia where he started carting materials for the Overland Telegraph Line.’
    • ‘During its 1864 season 41,000 sheep were shorn, providing work for an army of musterers, shearers, woolclassers, packers and teamsters.’