Definition of teacup in English:



  • 1A cup from which tea is drunk.

    • ‘Coffee cups, although identical in their squat shape to teacups, were generally larger.’
    • ‘Faye had asked, finishing her tea and delicately placing the teacup on the small coffee table.’
    • ‘Sydney chuckled and set her empty teacup on the coffee table.’
    • ‘Back at the Hub, the Thursday night rehearsal breaks for coffee and everyone swarms towards the teacups neatly stacked at the back of the hall amid the dripping brollies and discarded coats.’
    • ‘It meant participation in an expanding repertoire of domestic rituals made possible by creamware teacups and saucers, decanters, wine glasses, pickle plates, and forks of all sorts.’
    • ‘A white teacup slipped from coffee-coloured fingers and shattered on the hardwood floor.’
    • ‘The earliest EIC printed catalogue, from 1704, shows chocolate cups and teacups, both with saucers.’
    • ‘Transaction value was sufficient in a world of mass consumers buying toasters and teacups, but in our new world of complex individuals, relationship value is the key to long-term growth.’
    • ‘Have ready 3 clean inverted small tumblers with smooth, round bottoms; custard cups; or a teacup with a very small handle.’
    • ‘Inside Len set out the teacups and plates on the coffee table while he waited for the jug to boil.’
    • ‘As of this date, the Jarandiol say they still involve a lot of styling tips and garden parties where they all paint their own teacups and pass them around as gifts.’
    • ‘He sat at a miniature classically-styled table, drinking cream from a teacup.’
    • ‘He took a drink from his teacup, and placed the cup down on the saucer very seriously.’
    • ‘Monica shook her head, glancing at the coffee table on which five empty teacups and a half-full plate of cakes sat.’
    • ‘She placed her empty teacup on the table and poured a cup for Stewart.’
    • ‘The first time he did this he filled the cup half full, as is usually done with handle-less Japanese teacups (so that the cup won't be too hot to hold).’
    • ‘The chorus of voices was so loud that the teacup on the small coffee table behind her shook.’
    • ‘His mother came in a moment later with a tray with two teacups full of coffee, some sugar and a small container of cream.’
    • ‘Evangeline shrugged and gestured to the tray of teacups on the coffee table.’
    • ‘Advertised in glowing terms on a website, the tours include courses in etiquette, such as the tip that coffee cups are held over the lap while teacups are held away from the saucer.’
    1. 1.1 An amount held by this, about 150 ml.
      • ‘Mix half a teacup of sugar with water in a small pan.’