Definition of teachers college in US English:

teachers college

(also Teachers College)


  • A four-year college with a special curriculum for training primary and secondary school teachers.

    • ‘Anne, a recent teachers college graduate, is now in her second year teaching English and Social Studies.’
    • ‘The Robert G. Crisenberry Papers consist mainly of correspondence concerning the evolution of Southern Illinois Normal University from a teachers college to a university.’
    • ‘In 1953, having completed three years at a Domestic Science Girls School, Beatrix was chosen to go to a missionary teachers college in Serui.’
    • ‘At the time Indiana State Normal School was a teachers college but did not have the right to award bachelor's degree; this came later in 1908.’
    • ‘Margo Trigg started clay work in 1963 while at teachers college in Melbourne.’
    • ‘Even my years with the bank and the teachers college were not wasted.’
    • ‘Teacher-training colleges, two-year advanced teachers colleges, and university education departments should be partners in planning and implementation.’
    • ‘It was while at teachers college that I heard of Caribbean Vision.’
    • ‘He worked in a factory for a while, and then decided to go to teachers college.’
    • ‘O'Reilly, who was on holidays from teachers college in Sydney, had just been dragged from the train to open the bowling for Wingello, his home town.’
    • ‘Studying at teachers college and the University of Dunedin during World War II was both liberating and terrifying.’
    • ‘I was at teachers college and it was ridiculously easy so I didn't have to do school work at night and could read.’
    • ‘I know of at least two teachers colleges where that has happened.’
    • ‘Particularly noteworthy are those broadly-based institutions that evolved from teachers colleges because they are situated at critical junctures in the public educational system.’
    • ‘Secondary education has expanded in Nigeria since independence, offering a variety of options including teachers colleges, science secondary schools, and schools offering a wide curriculum.’
    • ‘Students at the Tlaxcala teachers college are striking against cuts in education.’
    • ‘Mark Paterson wrote his first short story around the same time he got fed up with teachers college.’
    • ‘The next year her parents grudgingly agreed to send her to a girls' teachers college in another town.’
    • ‘The teachers college itself said it had no evidence to suggest ‘a poisoned work environment.'‘’
    • ‘He is professionally employed and has applied to teachers college.’