Definition of tea tree in US English:

tea tree


  • An Australasian flowering shrub or small tree with leaves that are sometimes used for tea. Some species yield an oil valued for its antiseptic properties.

    Genus Leptospermum, family Myrtaceae: several species, in particular Melaleuca alternifolia, whose leaves yield an essential oil

    • ‘In summer days, if you attend outdoor parties, make sure to carry a small bottle of tea tree oil or lavender oil for insect bites.’
    • ‘Local lawyers and doctors in search of a tax break plant tea tree, macadamias and coffee.’
    • ‘The symposium will bring together producers, researchers and others with a stake in the development of the tea tree industry.’
    • ‘Along with the sculptures that make up the permanent collection are 69 new pieces, each creatively set in the beautiful gardens that surround the large tea tree plantation.’
    • ‘He points to work done in a Parisian hospital in which doctors used essential oils of tea tree, thyme and oregano to treat infections.’
    • ‘He said peat fires - a traditional fuel for stoves - were difficult to control, and highly inflammable tea tree made controlling the blaze difficult.’
    • ‘As well as browsing through the grounds visitors can also enjoy a coffee in the plantation's treetop cafe and discover the many benefits and uses of tea tree.’
    • ‘Spend some time here and you will glide instead of walk, float instead of swim and smell of lemon grass, tea tree or lavender.’
    • ‘The oil of tea tree is obtained from the leaves and branch tips by aqueous steam distillation after ‘curing’ for about 6 weeks.’
    • ‘The unique show allows artists to create one-off installations as well as large-scale artworks, which are set amongst the rambling botanical gardens, rainforest and acres of tea tree that form the plantation.’
    • ‘Shampoos that contain jojoba oil or tea tree oil help eliminate oily deposits and reduce shedding.’
    • ‘At the first sign of cold, add one drop of eucalyptus or tea tree oil to a glass of warm water and then gargle.’
    • ‘Other ingredients such as propolis, myrrh, tea tree and echinacea can help slow bacterial growth, strengthen gum tissue and prevent inflammation.’
    • ‘Initial research shows that the natural strength and complexity of oils such as eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree makes them more deadly to superbugs than artificial alternatives.’
    • ‘The majority of the land was covered in gorse and tea tree, and 50 percent of it was non-productive.’
    • ‘On shelves in one bedroom were dozens of bottles of essential oils: clary sage, cinnamon, tea tree and carrot seed.’
    • ‘A large distinct granite ledge runs almost the entire length of the pool, while a mixture of tussocks and tea tree line the opposite bank.’
    • ‘Lavender oil and tea tree oil are also effective remedies, so keep a bottle of either in the car or handbag on family outings.’
    • ‘Sipping a glass of wine on the love seat in the rose garden, shaded by a New Zealand tea tree, you'll feel far from the urban scene.’
    • ‘This balm, with tea tree oil, vegetable proteins and botanicals, instantly stimulates and conditions.’


tea tree

/ˈtē ˌtrē//ˈti ˌtri/