Definition of tea tray in US English:

tea tray


  • A tray from which tea is served.

    • ‘About a quarter of an hour later, I found myself carrying a tea tray down one of the second-floor hallways.’
    • ‘‘That sounds like a great idea,’ said Granny putting down the tea tray.’
    • ‘From the fresh milk on the tea tray to the gentle classical music playing softly in your room, every detail has been carefully considered.’
    • ‘In her hands were balanced a silver tea tray, upon which were placed two medium-sized silver bottles, a crystal tumbler, and a small teaspoon.’
    • ‘One fashionably dressed member of the team is threatening to steal a rattan tea tray that he is convinced is ‘back in fashion’.’
    • ‘The butler reappeared instantly bearing a silver tea tray with a glass of ice and a pitcher of cold water, which he poured into the glass and offered to me.’
    • ‘The women gather around the table on which the chessboard has been set up as two maids enter from the left with refreshments and a tea tray.’
    • ‘Mrs Noble emerged a few minutes later, carrying a tea tray.’
    • ‘Jewel boxes, tea trays, corner stands and other curios are some of the attractive articles available here.’
    • ‘A nurturer by nature, Olivia parked him in the most comfortable chair in the parlour and disappeared to the kitchen, reappearing several minutes later with a loaded tea tray in her hands.’
    • ‘She would reappear in a few minutes with a tea tray filled with toasted breads, tea biscuits, and fresh homemade white butter.’
    • ‘I tripped on the carpet and knocked over the little table where our tea tray had rested.’
    • ‘He slipped behind the bar to get a tea tray ready.’
    • ‘Small cups and the tea tray were being used to help them learn the art of balance.’
    • ‘‘So, Leo’, Mum set the tea tray down on the tiny table.’
    • ‘‘Thank you Anna,’ Her father said as she sat down across from him and placed the tea tray on the ground.’
    • ‘Gilbert nodded and Rebecca placed the tea tray onto the table.’
    • ‘Secondly, while the restaurant has a few guest rooms, the packet of digestives on the in-room tea tray was several months past its sell-by date.’
    • ‘Paul led them into a sitting room, and asked one of his servants for a tea tray.’
    • ‘Finally, she sat with the tea tray, and smiled at the two of them.’


tea tray

/ˈtē ˌtrā/