Definition of tea garden in US English:

tea garden


  • 1A garden in which tea and other refreshments are served to the public.

    • ‘Chimpei, who had worked at the Japanese pavilion at the St. Louis Fair, saw an opportunity to make money running a tea garden such as had been a hit in St. Louis.’
    • ‘A new public entrance with a tea garden was created, and a tearoom and kitchen were made in part of the lower courtyard.’
    • ‘In the middle of the journey we stopped at a tea garden.’
    • ‘Afterward, share a pot of tea in the tea garden there, or walk across Nanjing Lu to offer prayers at the temple.’
    • ‘In the tea garden, void of stream or pond, water plays the most important role as one stops to perform the ritual cleansing at the chozubachi, or water basin.’
    • ‘He is known to have stakes in the country's largest cigarette factory, a five-star hotel and a tea garden in eastern Nepal.’
    • ‘The tea garden is a sensory delight, producing colors, aromas, and flavors to enjoy throughout the seasons.’
    • ‘A tea garden will be built at the entrance to the Reserve.’
    • ‘The controlled movement and controlled view equated with similar constraints in a tea garden even as they recalled corridor works by Bruce Nauman and others of which Suda is undoubtedly aware.’
    • ‘Kaku, a Japanese-American, glimpsed these possibilities as a child in San Francisco, when he would gaze for hours at the carp swimming in the pond of a Japanese tea garden.’
    • ‘‘That really makes the tea garden theirs,’ says Youngblood.’
    • ‘It was a lovely afternoon, not too hot after all, so I sauntered down Swain Street, cut through the little alley-way to the Esplanade, and turned into the tea garden.’
    • ‘Potter's illustrations, the tea garden is designed to evoke the atmosphere of Edwardian summer afternoons.’
    • ‘Future plans are to develop a wetland with a tea garden, a cultural village and picnic area, a nursery with water features, and conference facilities.’
    • ‘To visualize higher dimensions, consider a Japanese tea garden, where carp spend their entire lives swimming on the bottom of a shallow pond.’
    • ‘As we struck up a conversation, he took to a caravansarai - a trading post built 500 years ago by the Seljuk Turks - that now served as a tea garden.’
    • ‘The thousand-plus acres that make up San Francisco's Golden Gate Park include a Victorian greenhouse, a Dutch windmill, a Japanese tea garden, and a bison paddock.’
    • ‘From 9am to 4pm, a craft market will offer an interesting retail experience, while a tea garden provides shoppers with a welcome reprieve from the icy winter chill.’
    • ‘Adults can relax at the tea garden, browse through the flea market and buy a few second-hand books.’
    • ‘A waterfall flows over an image that appears to be an oriental-style tea garden; though the image is supposed to conjure up the health-inducing properties of the cuppa, the garden's sheer naffness negates it.’
  • 2A tea plantation.

    • ‘Companies will now begin to buy out farms, coffee plants and tea gardens and orchards.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that the police had failed to prevent ULFA's ongoing extortion spree in Upper Assam area where the outfit targets to collect Rs 200 crore from all professionals including tea gardens.’
    • ‘According to him, while tea is a far better soil binder on the hills compared to vegetables like potato, tea gardens in the district are prone to frequent landslides because of the lack of proper drainage.’
    • ‘One tea garden worker told the media: ‘We supported the strike as we have not been getting any of the facilities for a long time’.’
    • ‘After a lapse of about 18 yr, an outbreak of bacillary dysentery with high morbidity and mortality was reported in April 2002 among the labourers of tea gardens in the same region.’
    • ‘There are now fair trade-certified tea gardens in seven countries across Asia and Africa, benefiting more than 120,000 workers.’
    • ‘Then the ghat road begins: a steep incline, the road bordered by cliffs, or opening out to views of tea gardens, eucalyptus plantations, forest.’
    • ‘It is this bounty of water and the unique character of the breezes laden with moisture from the snows and warm sunshine that have given Palampur its tea gardens.’
    • ‘His childhood was spent in the tea gardens of Assam and he was greatly influenced by the songs of the tea garden workers and Assamese folk songs.’
    • ‘I was fascinated by this new frontier - the mighty Brahmaputra, lovely tea gardens, the deep forests and enormously diverse people.’
    • ‘Tea garden students' organizations have been demanding that primary schools in tea garden areas should function from 7 am.’
    • ‘ITC does not intend to acquire any tea gardens or factories.’
    • ‘Situated in the middle of the greenery of tea gardens, blue hills and an undulating landscape, the refinery is also gradually growing in the tourist's mind as a draw, a symbol of the latest technology.’
    • ‘The deputy commissioner along with other senior officials was camping in the tea garden throughout the night.’
    • ‘The landscape changed dramatically as it gave way to the brown slopes kissed by the fresh green tea gardens fenced by the large, brown oaks wrapped with rare delicate ferns.’
    • ‘Even two weeks in Kerala, split between the backwaters of Cochin and Alleppey, the tea gardens of the Western Ghats, and a bit of beach time, allows a visitor to really melt into the easy pace of the enfolding south.’
    • ‘For the Congress, the incident in Tinsukia is potentially more damaging than the previous one as it involves tea garden workers, who constitute a sizeable section of the party's vote bank.’
    • ‘Deaths of hundreds of tea garden workers every year in tropical diseases always remind us of the poor health and sanitation system.’
    • ‘Field trips were conducted to Munnar tea gardens and a coffee estate in Kodagu.’
    • ‘Even the ground water is unfit for drinking due to large-scale application of fertilizers, pesticides and agrochemicals in the tea gardens.’


tea garden

/tē ˈɡärdn/