Definition of Taylorist in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See Taylorism

    • ‘By this they mean that they are the very opposite of Skinnerians and Taylorists.’
    • ‘The Taylorist quantification of time in the service of mass production was countered by organic modes of manufacture, exemplified by the proliferation of arts and crafts movements throughout Europe and America.’
    • ‘When I read Production, I expected stories of mopped brows and elbow grease, Paul Willis's ‘lads,’ and robotic Taylorist workers.’
    • ‘Reference to labor standards does not imply the full panoply of labor standard costs and variance analysis that developed as part of the Taylorist efficiency movement of the late l9th/early 20th century.’
    • ‘The conclusion reached is that Taylorist precepts were significantly modified to meet the particular control requirements and the environmental factors faced by Australian governments.’