Definition of Taylorism in English:



  • The principles or practice of scientific management.

    • ‘Although scientific management, as conceived by Taylor, and automation were thus two quite different concepts, Taylorism provided ideological justification for subsequent automation in industry.’
    • ‘Many accounting historians have advanced the argument that Taylorism and scientific management were not merely theoretical successes at the turn of the 20th century, but practical successes as well.’
    • ‘Craven, though not Schapiro, fingers the ideology and restrictive practices of Taylorism by name.’
    • ‘As was also noted in the last chapter, the tendency to import and apply scientific management in the form of Taylorism, involving direct supervision of unskilled labour, was limited.’
    • ‘A rather similar story could be told about the ‘scientific’ ideology launched by Fordism and Taylorism at the beginning of the 20th century with extraordinary success among the factory owners in Western World.’


Mid 19th century: from the name of Frederick W. Taylor (1856–1915), the American engineer who expounded the system, + -ism.