Definition of taxonomy in US English:



  • 1The branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics.

    • ‘The question remains, however, whether expertise in taxonomy and biological systematics will be available for the long term.’
    • ‘Cladistics is currently the most popular paradigm of phylogenetic classification in biological taxonomy.’
    • ‘Chromosomes are often useful in systematics and taxonomy, but are of restricted taxonomic value in Periplocoideae.’
    • ‘Also called numerical taxonomy, Phenetics is a school of taxonomy that classifies organisms on the basis of overall morphological or genetic similarity.’
    • ‘The success of flow cytometry and its ever-increasing use in plant taxonomy, systematics and ecology may pose unexpected problems.’
    categorization, categorizing, classifying, classing, grouping, grading, ranking, organization, sorting, codification, systematization, stratification
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    1. 1.1 The classification of something, especially organisms.
      ‘the taxonomy of these fossils’
      • ‘The group that has been most commonly analysed morphometrically is the planktonic foraminifers, largely because of their well-established taxonomy and their optimal fossil record.’
      • ‘The three-month training began with the work on coral taxonomy in Townsville, in northwest Australia.’
      • ‘In the Linnaean taxonomy, everything is, to begin with, a member of a kingdom.’
      • ‘In the wonderment of this taxonomy, the thing that is demonstrated in the exotic charm of another system of thought is the limitation of our own.’
      • ‘Mayr and Diamond's reluctance to appreciate the importance of fossil evidence is evident in their taxonomy.’
    2. 1.2 A scheme of classification.
      ‘a taxonomy of smells’
      • ‘Whether or not one accepts this sociological taxonomy there is no denying the proliferation of summer festivals.’
      • ‘So whatever the debatable points of his taxonomy (and this being analytic philosophy, there are plenty of taxonomic points to debate), I think Strawson is on to something.’
      • ‘I need some advice. I've been trying to develop a personal schema/taxonomy - and I don't really know where to start.’
      • ‘Smith's imagination was not limited to studying the extant taxonomy of market institutions.’
      • ‘Virginia's book was liberating for me, because its alternate taxonomy helped me avoid unwittingly imposing artificial political identities on my own thinking.’


Early 19th century: coined in French from Greek taxis ‘arrangement’ + -nomia ‘distribution’.