Definition of taxman in US English:



  • 1A collector of taxes.

    • ‘While the taxmen ponder what would be acceptable, the club - smack bang in the middle of a redoubtable promotion drive from the Third Division - faces the not inconsiderable problem of how to fund itself during this coming week.’
    • ‘They are hiding it from the taxmen in their home jurisdictions.’
    • ‘French teachers and taxmen protest against government’
    • ‘We're about three stages up from taxmen and traffic wardens.’
    • ‘The taxmen have been encouraged to vigorously collect all unpaid interest income with-holdings that banks have declined to surrender.’
    • ‘Tax evaders continue to dodge the government in connivance with the taxmen.’
    • ‘The actor later revealed that the taxmen came calling with this notice even as he was being wheeled in for surgery at the Leelavati Hospital in Mumbai.’
    • ‘But practitioners say the taxmen have failed to tell advisers of an amnesty-style deal of which Bank of Ireland customers can avail, and which is referred to in letters sent out by the bank.’
    • ‘But even if the taxmen did decide to take a closer look at AJS, it would still be in little danger of an unfavorable ruling.’
    • ‘But in the Bahamas, because we are a money-hiding hole from the taxmen around the world, the money just sits in Bahamian banks.’
    • ‘As a result, the taxmen have now finally capitulated in the Brontë Society's case and agreed to give it the VAT exemption on all its income.’
    • ‘Without approval from the taxmen, the Football League will not sanction the Trust's take-over of the cash-strapped club even if the majority of creditors backed the Trust's proposed CVA.’
    • ‘Then the taxmen will examine the business to see where the person's earnings are sourced and if they are declared for tax.’
    • ‘The taxmen cottoned on, and would raid the pub quite often.’
    • ‘Perhaps taxmen should be called ‘redistributors’.’
    • ‘I'm tired of those damned taxmen parading through our village like they own it.’
    • ‘Any tax evader who comes under scrutiny finally ends up paying penalties though taxmen tended to be careful with VIPs among defaulters for fear of lawsuits.’
    • ‘On February 15, I was walking alongside elderly women, young professionals, bus drivers, writers, celebrities, taxmen, civil servants.’
    • ‘That said, one tax expert told us that taxmen were prepared for the fact that not everyone will comply and that their priority would be ensure that larger companies meet the new rules.’
    • ‘And if that does not work, taxmen would go after them, he said.’
    1. 1.1the taxman The government department that collects tax.
      ‘he denies conspiracy to cheat the taxman’
      • ‘Some believe cheating the taxman is fair game; cheating on their wife or husband is too.’
      • ‘With astute planning, the exposure to tax can be greatly reduced before the taxman ever gets a chance to raid an estate.’
      • ‘False names and addresses were used to hide the real identity of the account holders, who tried to keep their accounts a secret from the taxman.’
      • ‘Keighley businesses are warned that the taxman is entitled to a slice of the pudding when employees are given Christmas gifts and bonuses.’
      • ‘The section augments previous powers given to the taxman to conduct Revenue audits.’
      • ‘As for the taxman, the Inland Revenue can ask for statements going back six years.’
      • ‘The money owed to the taxman is deducted at source, so when you get your pay slip it will record how much tax has already been taken out.’
      • ‘Tens of thousands of taxpayers would have continued to hide their money from the taxman.’
      • ‘Some people continued to leave cash in offshore havens such as Luxembourg and Gibraltar to keep their affairs secret from the taxman.’
      • ‘Thanks to handouts from the taxman and my employer, each £1 that I pay into the Fool scheme turns into £2.30 on day one.’
      • ‘At the very least, the taxman should take a healthy cut and redistribute it to more worthy causes.’
      • ‘If you're self-employed keeping your hard-earned money from the taxman's clutches is a priority.’
      • ‘They may put their trust in new computer technologies, which they believe will let them hide money and economic transactions from the taxman.’
      • ‘Wealthy families who use trusts to shelter assets from tax will have to give more to the taxman.’
      • ‘By doing this, he gets extra contributions from the taxman and from our employer.’
      • ‘The taxman has obtained two judgments totalling €267,913 against a Dublin carpentry contractor and a man living in Co Kildare.’
      • ‘Finally, do not forget the taxman, as tax is due at your highest rate on all rental income less the following deductible expenses.’
      • ‘Because in the end, it's not the big, bad taxman these corporate tax cheats are pulling a fast one on.’
      • ‘Where the Revenue raises issues, the person receiving requests for information must satisfy the taxman that they have operated within the law.’
      • ‘Cheating the taxman was legitimate if you did it outside the country.’