Definition of taxi dancer in US English:

taxi dancer


North American
  • A dancing partner available for a fee.

    • ‘Once a member of the aristocracy, she now lives in genteel poverty, working as a taxi dancer.’
    • ‘When Ma and Pa Rockefeller object to young Jason miscegenating with the hired help, Nisa flees the mansion, taking a new job as a taxi dancer in a Hollywood sex club.’
    • ‘Ruth Etting (Doris Day, Calamity Jane) is a young taxi dancer who wants to stop working the floor in sleazy Chicago night joints and make it to the stage.’
    • ‘Some fellow students exhausted by the expertise of the taxi dancers even wanted to dance with me.’
    • ‘After a series of odd jobs, he became a taxi dancer and then an exhibition dancer in New York City.’
    • ‘He worked for a while as a taxi dancer (paid by the ‘ride’, or dance), and performed in dance exhibitions.’
    • ‘The Russian family of whom Natasha Richardson's character (Countess Sofia Belinsky) is a member has fallen on such hard times the others must depend on her income as a taxi dancer in louche clubs.’
    • ‘Born in Italy in 1895, Valentino went to New York at the age of 18, where he earned his living at Maxim's as a taxi dancer - paid to dance with unaccompanied women.’
    • ‘She believes that Fowler has ruined Phuong's chances for respectable marriage, that her sister is doomed to return to her former life as a taxi dancer.’
    • ‘It replaced Fellini's waif-like Italian prostitute with the equally waif-like New York taxi dancer Charity Hope Valentine, whose day-to-day existence is sketched out right at the top of the show.’


taxi dancer