Definition of tax avoidance in US English:

tax avoidance


  • The arrangement of one's financial affairs to minimize tax liability within the law.

    Compare with tax evasion
    • ‘They've clamped down on some traditional ways of tax avoidance.’
    • ‘Tyco International's acquisition accounting and offshore tax avoidance practices are also under scrutiny.’
    • ‘New rules to tackle tax avoidance using personal service companies and similar intermediaries were published today.’
    • ‘In doing so, the individual takes account of personalised needs, maximum tax avoidance, investment options, and so forth.’
    • ‘The chancellor has already clamped down on tax avoidance by targeting complex arrangements, such as double trusts.’


tax avoidance

/taks əˈvoidns//tæks əˈvɔɪdns/