Definition of tautological in US English:



  • See tautology

    • ‘The answer given by the Councilors is tautological: they are the lawful authority because the law has defined them as such.’
    • ‘The camp provided the Germans tautological proof of the necessity of imprisoning Untermenschen: the disgusting state of the Haftlinge of Auschwitz demonstrated their inferiority and justified their murder.’
    • ‘What may seem tautological - happiness being happiness - epitomizes Traheme's use of perspectival language: to attempt to move from the subjective and to the objective.’
    • ‘Those who view the question as ultimately tautological, and therefore futile, have a strong case to make; but that is not the same thing as saying the question is without use.’
    • ‘As I will argue, however, the text does present the possibility of a woman stealing what is already in her possession through its account of the tautological crime.’