Definition of tautog in US English:



  • A grayish-olive edible wrasse (fish) which occurs off the Atlantic coast of North America.

    Tautoga onitis, family Labridae

    • ‘And we put no credence whatever in the old myth that the vent of the tautog closes over in winter.’
    • ‘No estimates of stock size or mortality are available for tautog in North Carolina.’
    • ‘While tautog can be caught in the summer, it's hard to get a bait past the eager sea bass.’
    • ‘Taken by rod, reel, and spear from May through October, tautog is an important sport fish in Rhode Island.’
    • ‘There should be more of a regional management approach for both commercial and recreational tautog fisheries.’


Mid 17th century: from Narragansett tautauog, plural of taut.