Definition of tautly in US English:



  • See taut

    • ‘The symphony is played tautly; the introduction is broad and menacing, but the first movement proper (no exposition repeat) is done with grim fire.’
    • ‘This tautly wrought dénouement to Dipped in Shadow serves as the foundation for Harris's latest volume, She, a novel in poetry about the depths of a woman's consciousness.’
    • ‘Leinsdorf shows unwonted impetuosity in his approach to tempos, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, while not consistently as refined as it could be, plays the music tautly.’
    • ‘The ensuing investigation is described as a twisting, suspenseful character-study, tautly written to conceal a surprise ending.’
    • ‘These tautly stretched lines consist of single strands of horsehair, arranged in an elegant composition that brings to mind the great horizontal tableaux of Barnett Newman.’